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The long awaited Rogers family history book has been published and is NOW AVAILABLE!. The book chronicles the five lines of descendants of David and Jemima Rogers. 

David and Jemima Rogers were pioneer settlers of Jefferson County Ohio. They had five children, four daughters and one son. This book explores the descendants of those five children. The family line is predominately in Ohio, Florida, Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, Louisiana, Michigan, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Washington and West Virginia.

Family Surnames include: Anderson, Appell, Applegarth, Arnold, Ball, Beck, Beebout, Benedict, Bengar, Blake, Blue, Boggs, Brisben, Brown, Bucey, Buskey, Campbell, Carnahan, Carpenter, Costantini, Cottman, Crary, Crew, Dalcour, Demars, Demarse, Dinges, Duffy, Dunbar, Duncan, Dye, Edmonds, Ennis, Finley, Floyd, Frank, Garvin, Green, Griffith, Hammer, Hannan, Hanson, Hartsuck, Haverfield, Haynes, Higgins, Hitchcock, Hockenberry, Hockenburger, Holmes, Hooper, Horn, Hosterman, Huner, Hvizdak, Lowe, Lutz, McCarrell, McCrae, McElvain, McGhie, McGuire, McMahon, McMath, Mechnowicz, Mehl, Mercer, Michnowicz, Myers, Newburn, Noyes, Parks, Patterson, Perkins, Polen, Porter, Price, Priest, Prouty, Rawlins, Recob, Reed, Rhodes, Richardson, Riethmiller, Robey, Robinson, Rock, Rodgers, Rogers, Rominees, Rose, Ruthem, Schiappa, Schoedinger, Shelton, Shimer, Simmons, Skeels, Skipper, Smith, Steele, Stephanz, Stevenson, Switzer, Ratge, Thrailkill, Thwing, Tingler, Trott, Vanderborne, Wade, Watkins, Weaver, Whitten, Williams, Wilson, Woolard and Yocum. 

You can find info on ordering the Family History book and America One Step at a Time HERE. 
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